Had a great time today at the April Fools Run, MA edition. Thanks Ernie/Bass4Runner for putting the run together & for all the folks who came to wheel.

We has a total of 15 rigs (4 Jeeps, 1 Monster 4Runner, 2 Frontiers, 1 K10 Chevy & 7 Xterras). The sky showered us with rain most of the day making the trails muddy, the puddles deep, the hills & ledges very slippery. Everyone did great, picked good lines & didn’t incur any major damage.

Two new trails were also featured today in addition to our regular ones at Gremlin. First one was the alternate entrance/exit from the gate to the landing. The second one, a loop near Diaper Hill.

Check out further details & pictures on the event post in our forum.

You still have time to make the April Fools Run in PA next weekend!!