One of the many benefits of being a Supporting Member is the opportunity to run exclusive trails that are not open to the general membership at various times through the year.  In May this year, we had the opportunity to attend one such Supporting Members only event – NEXTerra Runs the Mill.
The trail difficulty & lack of experience with the property limited participation to Supporting Members with modified rigs, while all others were welcome to ride along.  We had 12 rigs in total – 1 monster 4Runner, 6 Xterras, 2 Frontiers & 3 Jeeps.

We tackled the harder sections of the property in the morning, winding our way through the twisty wooded trail, with it’s selection of boulders sandwiched between trees.  Pace was slow as necessary, the boulders challenged all drivers & gave the rigs a good workout.  Snatch straps, winches, even a snatch block were put to good use on more than one occasion.  True to the nature of the trail, there was some damage but nothing serious & everyone was able to make it off the trail at the end of the day & home without incident.  The lunch break saw some folks head out while the rest spent the afternoon on relatively milder trails that were fun without the risk of major damage.
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