A big thank you to all attendees, sponsors and organizers of the 10th annual North East Xterra Club’s Back-2-School Run, for making the weekend one of the most memorable events in our clubs history! In addition to celebrating 10 years, the Back 2 School Run this year featured a brand new location!
Our base camp this year was the Shir-Roy campground in Richmond, NH. Nexterra had a section of the campground reserved for our members which made this super convenient to hangout. Most folks arrived during the day/night on Friday to setup camp and settle down. Campfires and warm sleeping bags were a necessity, as the temps dipped into the upper 30’s that night.
The next morning was surprisingly warmer than the night, and turned progressively warmer as the day went by. After coffee & breakfast, our club president Mike Ciccolo worked out the details of checking off registered folks, and handed out swag bags, event t-shirts, raffle tickets, and Subway lunches. Ernie Leland, a member of our club’s Events Committee, then led us through the drivers meeting and safety briefing. 17 Xterras, 3 Jeeps, 1 Pathfinder and 1 Hybrid 4Runner made up a formidable convoy, and drove the short distance to the trails at LMFT.
Once there, the group split into the stock/green group, intermediate/blue group, and the hard/black groups. The trails were all very fun with the blue/black trails providing plenty of challenges, and more than a few ‘Oh Sh’ moments – even for the most modified rigs and the most experienced wheelers. Even the green trails provided plenty of excitement. Due to the nature of the obstacles, trail breakage & damage were plentiful in the blue and black groups. With team work and much joviality, all fixes were done, and we were able to enjoy the rest of the day. By 8PM, all groups had returned to the campground with no critical damages. The blue group had stayed out as long as they could, taking in some night wheeling for good measure.
Once back at the campground, we were treated to some great BBQ to satisfy our hungry selves. Kicking back, we caught up with each other on the adventures from the day over the food and some adult beverages. Soon after dinner, Mike rolled out the raffle, consisting of over 40 items, including a full set aluminum skids from Hefty Fabworks. Needless to say it was a phenomenal time! Thank you sponsors!
The party continued late into the night, kicking off with a delicious 10th anniversary cake. Sunday morning was damp….however the rain did not stop Mike and Ernie making us pancakes & eggs. Plenty of coffee & espresso provided the much needed caffeine fix after the previous nights’ festivities. We had our fill of wheeling for the weekend, refilled out mod lists, and reluctantly made our way home from what was arguably, one of the best events I’ve attended.
B2SR14 was a great success…. It’s left us with a deep longing for more, and we can’t wait for the next Nexterra event!

See the pics here !!